The Soprintendenza Archivistica keeps a copy of all the inventories of the Archives under its supervision. This collection is increasing continually and in this moment it counts about 1500 inventories. The catalogue of the collection is accessible through the data-set in this page of the web site.

Inventories are catalogued by Title, Archive (name of the archive) including first and late date of the documents, name of the Author, the date in which the finding aid itself was drawn up. It is possible to search by Sites (location of the Custodian), type of Archive (if created by Corporate Bodies, Persons, Families ) or type of Custodian .

The Soprintendenza does not keep the Archives themselves: its task is to supervise and preserve non Statal Archives, both public and private of historical interest. Therefore, users can check existing inventories in the data-set and read them in the offices of the Soprintendenza: to search the documents themselves it is necessary to contact the custodians.
The Soprintendenza can help to approach them .

Use the following indexes and search items to search the data-set